What is SMB

We started as a design and print studio, We evolved into so much more! With the help of countless creatives, we have built a space were entrepreneurs can flourish. Photography, videography, music and audio production, collective working and all full service design and printing coexist in a one stop shop.

Why SMB Creative Studio

With more and more businesses turning to shared office spaces to help them reach their goals.  We at SMB celebrate these traits that help modern businesses succeed, and we believe that the best way to foster creativity is to completely immerse yourself in it – from the people you work with to the space that you work in. With that in mind, we designed our design and print studio as a shared creative spaces to maximize creativity, collaboration, and connection so that members can work effectively, productively, and as profitably as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster growing creatives, small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing a creative co-working space and design studio that truly meets their needs. SMB shared creative spaces are optimized for collaboration, networking, and making new connections. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs that are just as driven and creative as you. Moreover, SMB is committed to growing with you and your business. As such, we offer flexible membership solutions.